Yoga for Weight loss and instructions

yoga for weight loss
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Can we lose weight by doing yoga? What is the fastest way to lose weight with yoga? Which yoga exercise can be performed easily at home? Today I will answer all these questions & bestow yoga for weight loss. Weight loss is just like a dream.

Yoga is the best exercise for weight loss & not even limit to weight loss but also helps in refreshing your body & mind. Even yoga can prevent you from so many diseases ie. cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity & so on. Do you know why many diseases develop and become more likely as we age? The answer is around 70% of the world’s population is not health conscious. But remember one thing always, Health is the first priority to be given because if your health is poor, your money is useless, if your health is poor, your power is useless.

let’s discuss yoga for weight loss:

Curious to know about yoga for weight loss? Even you can’t imagine practicing yoga is how much beneficial for your body or weight loss. Let’s get to amazing yoga poses.

1. Kapalbhati: Yoga for weight loss

yoga for weight loss
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According to RAM DEV, By practicing kapalbhati thousand of people have lost their weight in a very short time. Approximately, a lot of practitioners had lost 12 to 13 kgs of weight in just 45 days. Isn’t so amazing. But weight loss depends upon your practice that how much you are practicing kapalbhati. This will also give a glow on your face.


For weight loss, you have to practice it for a long period like 15 minutes to 30 minutes. But only for good health, you can practice it for 5 to 7 minutes without any break.

In starting you will face some problems like back pain, stomach pain but don’t worry it usually happens.

How to do

  • Sit- in a meditative pose
  • close your eyes & relax
  • Inhale deeply through both nostrils
  • Expand your chest
  • Expel the breath with a forceful contraction of the abdominal muscles
  • Don’t strain & continue active exhalation & passive inhalation
  • Take a deep breath & exhale slowly

When to avoid kapalbhati

  • Migraine
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Giddiness
  • Hernia
  • Chronic bleeding in the nose

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How to do kapalbhati

2. Plank: yoga for weight loss

yoga for weight loss
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Doing plank can be very beneficial for weight loss as it improves balance & posture, tighter tummy & reduce overall weight. It not only reduces body fat but also improves mood, flexibility.


As a beginner, you should hold for 5 seconds at a time. As you master the technique then increase holding time & do 5 reps at starting.

How to do

  • Position your elbows directly beneath your shoulders
  • Maintain a straight body from head to heel
  • Squeeze your butt & the fronts of your thighs
  • Support your abs like you are going to take a punch
  • Advance the exercise

3. Downward Dog: Yoga weight loss

yoga for weight loss
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Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) is the best way to tone your total body. It will strengthen your arms, back & thigh & also bring blood flow to the brain.


Being beginner holds this pose for 10 sec & gradually increases the time.

How to do

  • Come onto the floor on your hands & knees
  • Set your knees directly below your hips & spread your palms, index fingers parallel
  • Turn your toes under
  • Exhale & lift your knees slightly bent
  • Don’t forget to breath


Don’t practice it when you are in late-term pregnancy & have an injury to back arms & having high blood pressure. If you have any medical problems then, consult your doctor first.

4. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

yoga for weight loss
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Worried for belly fat fast? Then this yoga is for you guys. This yoga is amazing for reducing belly fat very fast. Not only good for belly fat but also helps massage abdominal organs that are responsible for improving digestion. It is the best way to strengthen your thighs & back.


You need to hold the bow yoga pose for 10-12 breaths. Gradually you can increase to 30 breaths & it will help you hold the pose for around 3 minutes.

How to do

  • Lie down on your stomach with your feet & parallel to your hips
  • Place your arms on the side of the body & fold your knees up & hold your ankles with hand
  • Breath in & lift your chest up & also pull your legs up & stretch
  • Repeat a few sets

5. Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)

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Shoulder stand yoga is just like a miracle for your body. Even it also increases flexibility & strengthens your body. Practice this yoga daily & you feel like a new body.


As a beginner, you should stay in this pose for about 30 seconds. Gradually, you should add 5 to 10 seconds to your stay every day then continue for 3 minutes each day.

How to do

  • Keep the legs & knees straight
  • Your toes must be pointing to the sky
  • Head should be straight & eyesight should be fixed on toes

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

1. Can we practice kapalbhati pranayama after a run?

Yes, you can practice. Even you should practice this first in the morning & It will prepare you for the rest of the day.

2. Can we eat immediately after practicing kapalbhati pranayama?

No, you should wait for at least 20-30 minutes after this yoga.

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